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  • 10+ years of teaching experience
  • Hold Master’s or Ph.D. degrees

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It’s Our Responsibility

No need to go through hundreds of tutor profiles and then choose the right teacher. MTS selects the right tutor from its experts panel, who best suit your needs.

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Our experts hold Master’s Degrees (or higher) in their respective subjects and have 10+ years of teaching experience.

We only Hire Professionals

MTS educators are not some High School graduates but are expert professionals with proven track records. Our tutors have tons of teaching experience in their relevant subjects.

Worldwide Hiring

We hire teachers from all across the globe, with the majority of them coming in from Asia region.

Up-to-Date Teaching Methodologies

Our teachers are professionally trained lecturers. Whether you’re taking GCSE Edexcel Chemistry or IB Standard Level Mathematics, they are well aware of the techniques and tactics required to ace an exam.