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Are you looking for a certified tutor to teach you according to your learning requirements? We have professional chemistry online and private home tutors in UAE to help you reach your educational and learning goals through contemporary teaching techniques. Check below the list of experienced chemistry tutors in UAE and book a session with a tutor you find suitable for you.

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Chemistry might seem like a complex subject, but once you start studying it from a conceptual perspective, you will find it rather fun to study. Our tutors ensure that you get a good grip on your concepts so that you can study better and score high.

What is the role of chemistry in our daily lives?

Everything involved in our daily life touches the knowledge of chemistry one way or the other. You might assume that chemistry is limited to the reactions in the laboratory only, but that is far from true. There are constant chemical reactions going on around us in almost everything. From the working of a refrigerator to the emotions we feel, everything involves the understanding and working of chemistry. Even when we go to sleep, there are numerous chemical reactions that take place at that time. Chemistry and its knowledge are an essential part of our lives.

What are some branches of chemistry?

Chemistry is a branched subject. The different branches cover different areas of chemistry in a detailed way. There are mainly 5 branches of chemistry, including organic, inorganic, analytical, biochemistry, and physical chemistry.

Organic chemistry: Study of compounds made of carbon and hydrogen.
Inorganic chemistry: the study of all the compounds with the exception of organic compounds.
Analytical chemistry: deals with the qualitative and quantitative study of different compounds.
Biochemistry: Study of the chemical reactions that involve living organisms.
Physical chemistry: Study of the impact of chemical reactions and composition on the physical attributes.

Are chemistry tutors helpful?

Chemistry can be a bit tricky sometimes with all the formulas and chemical reactions that can not be memorized because if you end up forgetting one tiny detail, the whole equation will go wrong. On the other hand, if you study with proper concepts, you will know on your own how different reactions and other aspects of the subject work. Hence in this way, learning through concepts will be helpful for you to learn it all in a better manner. A tutor can be very helpful in making you understand the concepts in an easy way. Learning on your own can be a bit hard because you will have to collect information from different sources in order to learn, whereas tutors will teach you simply by the knowledge they possess already.

Why hire an MTS tutor?

Our certified tutors hold noteworthy degrees and years of experience to offer students a learning experience based on every individual’s personal needs. We offer an introductory session where you will be present with the tutor and parents/guardians, too, and you can share your feedback so that the approach for future tutoring sessions can be determined. Our tutoring sessions are closely monitored by our management team to ensure the optimum quality of sessions.

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