According to a survey done in 2018, about 627,800 students of various nationalities are enrolled in 624 international schools in the United Arab Emirates. The majority of schools are located in Dubai, though you will find them almost everywhere.

The Ministry of Education controls the overall schools in the UAE. Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) is responsible for regulating the education quality in private institutions of Dubai whereas, the Abu Dhabi Department of Knowledge (ADEK) focuses on the growth and quality of education of private schools in Abu Dhabi. The concerned authorities are responsible for announcing the UAE school holidays every year; that is why the holiday schedule may differ from one Emirate to another. However, it is observed that there is not much change in the holiday schedules.

Summer Vacation in UAE – 2021

The authorities have already revealed the schedule for the private and public school year along with vacation days back on the 14 of September of 2020. The plan provided by Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed, the Ministerial Development Council, declares holidays and academic year details for the next three years. The Ministry of Education has announced 186 functional days for the students of public and private schools throughout the year 2021-2022. Schools following the foreign curriculum are allowed a bit of flexibility in their school calendars. However, they must acquire permission first if they wish to make changes from their respective authorities involved.

The summer vacations must not exceed 8.2 weeks, and all schools are expected to abide by the rules. It applies to all UAE schools. The last day of the academic year 2020-2021 is the 1 of July 2021. The students will come back to their new classes to begin a new academic year on the 29 of August, 2021.

Guidelines for the Academic Calendar 

  1. The academic calendar must comprise 186 functional school days.
  2. All schools must follow the exact dates that are mentioned in the academic calendar.
  3. Previously eight days throughout the academic year were granted for professional development. However, this option is not available anymore
  4. There will be no change in the starting dates of spring and summer break.
  5. Schools will be given an option to extend spring break for five days, or schools can also utilize this five-day break during the academic year. However, there will be no extension in the summer or winter break.
  6. Previously eight days throughout the academic year were granted for professional development. However, this option is not available anymore. The end of year date should be according to the date specified in the calendar.
  7. The academic calendar can only be shared after getting approval from KHDA.
  8. The public holiday dates will be confirmed and announced by the government of the UAE. The schools hold no responsibility until official notice by the government.

If a school fails to cooperate with the guidelines, strict action will be taken against it.

Dubai School Holidays

The schools are bound to follow the holiday schedule imposed by the Ministry of Education without exception. The KHDA has also made the announcement regarding the school holidays in Dubai. Private schools are only allowed seven-day flexibility.

Academic Calendar 2020- 2021 of Dubai Private Schools Following Foreign Curriculum after the Schools Resume after Spring Break 2021

Eid-ul-Fitr Break13-15/05/2021
End of Academic Year 2020-202101//07/2021

Academic Calendar 2021-2022 of Dubai Private Schools Beginning Term in April

Eid-ul-Fitr Break13/05/2021 – 15/05/2021
Summer Break05/07/2021
Second Semester Begins30/08/2021
Winter Break13/12/2021
Third Semester Begins03/01/2022
End of Year14/03/2022 – 01/04/2022

Academic Calendar 2020-2021 of Dubai Public & Private Schools Following MOE Curriculum

Beginning of Academic Year29/08/2021
Winter Break12/12/2021-31/12/2021

Things you can do as a student in UAE summer holidays

Are you thinking of making use of the summer break and planning your vacations because staying productive is also important. Here are a few great ideas that will help you plan your UAE summer holidays. 

  1. Plan your next term ahead of time. Analyze your weaknesses in the previous term and set achievable goals to work on them in a better way in the next term. If you set goals then you will have a higher chance of meeting them.
  2. Learn a new skill from YouTube or udemy see what interests you and go for it. You can go for a skill that is in demand these days. You can also opt for freelancing and start your own business.
  3. Watch an informational documentary related to science or general knowledge. Explore your interests and see what works best for you.
  4. Focus on learning a new language. A new language is also a skill. However, if you focus on learning a new language with a set target you are more likely to achieve it.
  5. Focus on your health which you usually cannot when you have a school routine. Now you have time off, eat well, rest well and sleep well.
  6. You can pay attention to your mathematics, algebra, geometry whatever subject you find hard to learn at school. Find online tutoring and start classes at the flexibility of your schedule. With personalised attention you are likely to achieve a better grade in the next term.
  7. Read more books. As books develop your knowledge and help with imagination. Books are a great source of increasing your vocabulary and sentence structure besides its a great activity that can transform you to another world.
  8. You can start gardening as a hobby. It’s therapeutic and seeing your plants grow. You will learn a lot about how to care for them and how you can prevent them from dying. 
  9. Spend time with your family and friends which sometimes become an impossible thing to do while you are busy with your school activities. Reconnect and bond with them, as it’s always worth it.
  10. You can declutter your room. Start with your old books, donate them. It’s always a good idea to start fresh and with some space.

Do you want Home Classes in the UAE?

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