3 Best ICSE Schools in dubai

The 3 Best ICSE School in Dubai

With a population of over 3 million, Dubai is the most populous city in the entire UAE. From its humble beginnings as a port town, Dubai has grown into one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world, with a skyline that is sure to blow your breath away. The discovery of oil nearby in the 1960s no doubt played a huge role in establishing it as the massive trade and tourism hub it is today.

 A survey conducted in 2013 found that only about 15% of the population were actually UAE nationals, with the rest being expatriates. The expatriate population consists primarily of South Asians, including Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, with the largest percentage being Indians. 

With such a large population, the Indian community in Dubai is now firmly established, with many businesses, restaurants, and schools built primarily catering to Indians. Cinemas show all the latest Bollywood movies, while the city also provides Religious freedom, with not only mosques, but a Sikh gurdwara, Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist temples also found in the city. This religious freedom, along with the availability of jobs for people of all qualification, have no doubt played a part in making Dubai a popular place to settle for many Indian ex-pats. 

Many popular Indian entertainers, including actors, musicians, and stand-up comedians, also regularly host shows in Dubai, to cater to the large population of Indians present in the city. Dubai also has a cricket stadium, which has hosted matches in the past for the Asia Cup, and the Indian Premier League.

So life in Dubai can be very comfortable for an Indian ex-pat, with many of the comforts and amenities of their home now being available to them in the city. Combine that with the excellent infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities of one of the richest cities in the world, Dubai may well be the best place for an Indian national to live in modern times. Indians are also found at almost every level of the business side of Dubai, making it much easier for freshly moved professionals to settle into their new surroundings. 

As previously mentioned, Dubai also now offers many schools catering to the Indian population, necessitated by the sheer number of Indians living in the city. While other forms of education, including IB and the American schooling system, are also available, Dubai also has schools for the two most popular Indian education systems, CBSE and ICSE. the Council for Indian School Certificate Exams (CISCE) was established in 1958, to conduct examinations for Indian students.

They hold the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE) every year for 10th-grade students, and the Indian School Certificate every year for 12th-grade students. The curriculum for the ICSE is designed to balance academics with extra-curricular activities, encouraging students to spend time participating in both, equally. English is the main language, with art also an important part of the education process.

With so many options available nowadays, it can be difficult for parents to choose a school for their children. To make that process easier, we have compiled a list of the best ICSE schools currently operating in Dubai:

GEMS Modern Academy

Founded in 1986, GEMS Modern Academy has been consistently highly rated for the past few years and is undoubtedly one of the best Indian schools in all of Dubai. Affiliated with the CISCE, Modern offers the ICSE examinations and prepares its students for them in an outstanding fashion. Offering education from kindergarten to the 12th grade, Modern aims not only for academic excellence but also for turning its students into responsible and well-rounded citizens, who can contribute to society in all facets of life. 

To accomplish its goals, Modern focuses on exposing its students to the many different cultures of the world from an early age. This helps them become more academically, intellectually as well as socially, culturally, economically, and environmentally aware. Students at modern are divided into four houses: Aquila, Cygnus, Orion, and Pegasus, with each house having its own color, symbol, and motto, with the mottos designed to inspire the students to overcome all the challenges of life with grace, teamwork, perseverance, and excellence. 

Republic Day, as well as various religious holidays including Diwali, Eid, and Christmas, promoting patriotism and universal brotherhood between all Indian citizens. Modern also sends its students for Umrah, should they wish to do so. Overall, the school possesses a strong ethos of discipline and mutual respect, along with recognition towards understanding the diverse needs and abilities of all its students. 

Ambassador School

Founded in 2000, the Ambassador School has quickly risen to the top of the ranks of Indian schools in Dubai affiliated with the CISCE. Educating students from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade, Ambassador educates around 2000 students every year. 

Ambassador school is focused on nurturing young minds who can make a difference in the world, with a focus on equipping each student with the necessary skills to negotiate and find their own niche in the ever-evolving global landscape. All campuses offer distinct facilities, yet share this basic mission. They seek to inspire children to be passionate lifelong learners, who continue to seek excellence and self-improvement at all stages of life. This then allows them to always Inquire, Innovate, and contribute in meaningful ways to society. 

Through their school and students, they envision a world that values ‘Sensitivity’. Respecting differences and valuing every individual for who they are, and creating a community that is free from self-centeredness. Compassion for others, the environment, and the value chain that connects every netizen is the focus of education at Ambassador School.

JSS International School

The JSS International School follows the curriculum laid down by the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). Their mission is to provide for the varying educational needs of a culturally diverse and geographically dispersed student body with the goal of preparing students academically, personally, and professionally for successful careers. The school has designed an international curriculum that is built around a strong ethical component and sets a considerable store of knowledge and respect in the cultures and values of different regions of the world. 

Their educational programs emphasize the importance of experiential and collaborative learning. This encompasses workshops, interactive sessions, role plays, project work, group discussions, and games. The integrated curriculum seeks to provide students the ability to think and solve problems, and comprehend concepts in diverse ways.

Achievements are defined on the capability for lifelong learning, and acquisition of skills, rather than simply on academic excellence, though the school does stress the importance of academics, as well. 

Technology is a vital part of the learning process at JSS and is integrated at all levels, primary onwards. Being in Dubai, the school also has Arabic as a required language for all grades. 

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