Abu Dhabi is a melting pot of cultures, and many schools are catering to the children. Indian students make up one-fifth of Abu Dhabi’s student population – that means there are plenty of school options for parents looking to educate their kids in an environment rich with Hindi language or cultural traditions.
Indian schools in Abu Dhabi are some of the best private schools in the city. These schools have a lot to offer their students, and they also provide an education that is unique for those who want it. If you’re looking for a school that will provide your child with more than just good grades, then these are the ones to consider!
We’ll discuss what makes these schools so great and how they compare with other options available in this amazing city. Here are some of the best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi.

International Indian School, Abu Dhabi

GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS, a world-renowned name in the field of education worldwide, runs IIS Abu Dhabi. The curriculum at this International Indian School includes novel methods for activity and project-based learning as well personalized assessment strategies to help students learn more effectively from their environment. With relentless efforts on improving quality standards, GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS Schools are succeeding with innovations in teaching and learning coming straight out of its school staff members’ expertise!
At IIS, Abu Dhabi School, they have a diverse curriculum that the Central Board of Secondary Education designs. With inquiry and skill-based teaching methods, students can learn at their own pace regarding pedagogy and assessment. Students also benefit from global needs related to local issues – the school focuses on promoting critical thinking skills while developing language through listening, speaking, reading, writing activities are all key components here!

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Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi

A multi-award-winning school that combines a global curriculum with an international outlook, GIIS offers students the opportunity to enter some of the world’s leading universities. But what really makes this institution stand out? The kindergarten program is based on Montessori principles and customized by Maria herself, using the latest technology and tools. This allows every student at GIIS to have access to world-class academics from day one!
The students are facilitated with an Art and craft lab, maths lab, audio-visual room, indoor sports activity rooms. These are just some of the many amenities that GIIS offers its students in Abu Dhabi; these facilities give them a chance to explore their creativity and any type of skill they may have when it comes to math or science. In addition, there is also space for performing arts like choir practice spaces where kids can learn how music works with their emotions and feelings while exercising vigorously!

GEMS United Indian School

GEMS United Indian School provides students with the opportunity to be creative and innovative as they learn. This is accomplished through an educational curriculum that focuses on creativity, collaboration with others, and problem-solving skills designed by NCERT.
Optional languages are taught at this school, and students choose to study in the science, commerce or humanities stream. The faculty members are very supportive of any extracurricular pursuits a student may want to pursue–sporting facilities encourage sporting involvement; cultural opportunities give an avenue for artistic expression; etcetera.

The Model School

The Model School, Abu Dhabi, has a unique role in today’s society. The school is more than just an academic institution; it also offers its students opportunities to become leaders and learn new skills they can use for the rest of their lives. With co-curricular activities considered as important as academics, this international student body will be prepared for whatever comes next!
India’s first CBSE school in Dubai, N.I Model School, is the place to be for students who want a rigorous academic experience with an Indian twist! With three different curriculums and four languages being spoken on campus at any given time, this private international institution provides its ever-growing student population with opportunities that are anything but limited.

Private International English School

PIS is a private international school with the mission to make mentally developed, physically strong, socially adjusted and emotionally balanced global citizens. Using an integrated curriculum designed by NCERT guidelines that weave in real-life situations and activity-based learning techniques into lessons for holistic personality development, PIS makes it possible to provide continuous evaluation without sacrificing quality education. Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan manages private International English School hence its also known as the Bhavan School Abu Dhabi.

Mayoor Private School

When Mayo College General Council got associated with Taleem National Private Educational and Facilities Management Company L.L.C, Abu Dhabi in April 2014 to found the Mayoor Private School LLC. However, they could offer students a curriculum that would help them learn new skills for the 21st century, like creativity and critical thinking.
The curriculum at MPS is designed to make sure that students develop a strong national identity and are allowed to explore their culture’s history. From KG up through primary school, they have access to programs in music, art, language skills (including speaking), pre-reading skills such as visual perception of letters or auditory recognition for phonemes) all to develop stronger communication abilities from simple listening comprehension on up.

St Joseph’s School

St. Joseph’s School is a multicultural institution where all students are encouraged to discover their talents through annual events like talent’s day, sport’s day etc. St. Joseph’s School was started by the Apostolic Vicariate of the Roman Catholic Church in Arabia and has been going strong for 47 years now! This school encourages learning geared towards enriching life and preparing young people for future education opportunities thanks to its cosmopolitan atmosphere with over 600 students from 24 different countries studying there right now.

St. Joseph’s school has been providing excellent ambience since 1967. Children have learned the value of developing different skills such as drama, elocution or science quizzes which lead them towards enrichment that will help them throughout their lives just because they were given this opportunity at St. Joseph’s.

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Emirates Future International Academy

Emirates Future International Academy’s mission is to equip students with skills and values to face challenges of the 21st century by developing social personalities through active learning. ADK, MOE India certified Emirates as a leading Indian school in Abu Dhabi, enabling them to achieve their highest potential. The world is changing rapidly – children need an education that prepares them for these changes more than ever before! With our global perspective, we can teach you how your actions can affect change on a macro level, both locally and globally.

The CBSE curriculum is followed at the school, and students are encouraged to engage in cooperative learning. Facilities offered include sports activities, libraries with computers for boys and girls, computer labs of all types from elementary level up through high school levels, and gymnasiums, which provide plenty of opportunities for fitness enthusiasts.

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