Learning Music

Music plays an important role in many cultures. We find music present in most aspects of our lives, from television and music, to religious and government ceremonies. Due to how widely present it is, it is inevitable that children will be exposed to music, but does this bring them any benefit?

Studies have found that childhood musical experiences can actually accelerate brain development, most specifically in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills. Music has been known to improve mathematical learning and SAT scores as well. 

Academic skills, however, are not the only benefit of music. It leads to better development for children in many skills they will need for school. These skills include intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language and overall literacy. In early childhood it also helps with learning sounds and the meanings of words, while dancing can improve both motor skills and self-expression.

Here are some more in-depth benefits of teaching children music:

Health Benefits

It is a scientifically proven fact that music has advantages and health benefits for children. It helps improve both general brainpower, and memory functions.

Children exposed to music at early ages tend to excel in their studies, as opposed to children who were not. Music stimulates the part of the brain that is responsible for reading, mathematical and emotional development skills, meaning a child acquainted with music will develop faster in these areas. 

Social Skills

Learning to play an instrument or being part of a musical group, such as a choir, in early childhood can help your child develop social skills, by giving them the opportunity to interact with other children their age who are also interested in music.

Being in a group can help develop many social skills such as how to relate to other people, how to work in a team, leadership, discipline, and how to handle rewards and achievement, all at a very young age. These social skills will serve them well for their entire lives.

Building Confidence

For children struggling with, learning to play an instrument, and realizing that this is a skill they can develop on their own, can give these struggling children the self-belief and confidence that they require.

This will help them improve not only their musical skill, but also in other areas, where they might have been previously struggling.

Inspires Creativity

Musicians are some of the most creative people in the world today. Creating music requires a great deal of creativity, from writing lyrics, to learning to play instruments in new and more innovative ways.

Learning instruments can help your children tap into their inner creative spirits. Not only will this help them further improve their musical skills, this creativity will be a great asset for them in all areas of life.


Playing music in a band requires great patience, each member must wait for their turn to take the lead, and going too soon can ruin the entire melody and ruin the harmony of the song that is being played.

Singing in a choir or playing in a band at an early age, can teach your children the virtue of patience, and how being impatient can affect others. Cultivating patience will also help them improve their ability to work in a team, another skill that will be very valuable later on in life. 

A Great Form of Expression

Music is also one of the greatest forms of artistic impression. The previously mentioned creativity it inspires can then be channeled back into the music, to allow your children to tap into their inner artist, and express themselves in ways they could not before. 

Stress Relief

The life of a student can be very stressful. Having to juggle quizzes and assignments, whilst constantly worrying about grades can take a toll on the young mind. In these cases, playing or even listening to music can serve as a fantastic way for your child to relax and unwind, and relieve themselves of the stresses of school life. 

The most important benefit of music is that it is fun. It allows your children to enjoy themselves, whilst improving social, academic and creative skills, and finding a type of music that they love can also give a hobby they can cherish and enjoy for the rest of their lives. 

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